Smart Business is the future

Take a step back and look at how far business has come within the last decade or two. Smart business services are simply an extension of the current trends, with everything going to cloud and services being grouped together into easily accessible hub spots. Smart Business Canada is working to cut through all the BS and offer services for what they’re worth. We know how hard it is to start and run a business without being hustled at every corner by providers offering useless products and  services. Use our experience in the industry to your advantage and access a truly unbiased opinion. Yes we offer services, and yes we feature companies, but we only do so because we feel they’re the top providers out there and we ourselves use them.

Innovative Access to Services

How do you make your business into a Smart Business? First you need to control all aspects of your business, how do you do that? You manage analytics through Google Webmaster Central, you have a webmaster that controls your website and makes adjustments when they can. Do you have a seperate person for graphic design or apps development? Who do you host with? Godaddy? Is it really that easy to manage all of these things? Couldn’t it be done all from one place? Introducing SBC’s service manager. A smart business streamlines its processes and reduces costs. With SBC you simply login to your admin section and you instantly have access to all of your managed services. There’s two levels of access, the basic admin section where you talk with your live professional to make adjustments, or depending on the service you can access it directly yourself and make those changes.

Live Professional Service

Smart business services means that you are able to consistently update and optimize your processes. Introducing SBC’s Live Professional service. When you become an SBC member you’ll be assigned a Live Professional who will work with you one-on-one in real-time to work through what your business needs, improvements that can be made, and what’s being done. You’ll be notified via e-mail when they are working on your project, join them in real-time if you need to give them updates or request changes. The average package will give you access to your Live Professional in Real-time at least twice per week.

Discover how turning your business into a Smart Business can save you time and money.

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