Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario (ECAO)

Service Proposal

Who are we?

Smart Business Canada is a new venture company with old roots, equaling around over 100 years of expertise ,and growing. We’re a team of industry specialists, web designers, online marketing gurus, highly skilled graphic designers, and programmers that have teamed up to offer you a simplified single source solution for everything you need. By opting into a set monthly payment you will gain access to everything you need 24×7, 365 for less than you would otherwise pay.

How would the ECAO benefit?

1. The ECAO can refer our services to it’s network to essentially eliminate all online costs for services needed. All of these services can be free http://www.smartbusinesscanada.ca/business-essentials/

2. The ECAO will not only save money each month it’ll enable it’s member companies to save as well.

3. By working with individual developers/companies the ECAO could easily pay 5x as much each month for the same services.

4. We offer a list of innovative services to compliment our base services.

What are the ECAO's Options?

Base membership is $50/month.

ECAO OPTION 1: Become a base member and refer companies to SBC to earn credits which you can then use towards any of our 35+ services, including website design and development. With this method your monthly fee will neer go above $50 but you will be relying on the fact that you can bring in companies, which shouldn’t be very hard for a Electrical Contractors Association. Essentially by referring us to your members you would receive free services for the year. Imagine how much you can save?

ECAO OPTION 2: Choose one of our pre-loaded monthly management packages and simply pay either $349/month, or $549/month and you’ll automatically be given enough credits to handle everything you might need. This would include website development and webmastering, weekly updates, backups, seo optimization to show up for your target keywords, social media management, graphic design for upcoming events, promotions. A managed newsletter list if required. This will be decided when your company is assessed by one of our specialists.

You can still use referrals to discount these packages. For each referral you bring in, we’ll discount 10% off one months payment or add credits to the package to get more done.

SBC Membership Features:

But that’s just the beginning there is so much more. 

SMART DASHBOARD: Why shouldn’t you have access to everything at all times? You can with SBC use our smart dashboard online application and you can see what services your using and update them on the go. Need to run a campaign for an upcoming event? A couple clicks of the mouse and your campaign will be in the works!

PREVIEW HERE: http://www.smartbusinesscanada.ca/members/example-admin/

SMART REFERRAL PROGRAM: Use our referral program to easily earn credits to use towards services. Companies use this earn free services and to discount packages.  A perfect solution for the ECAO.

PREVIEW: http://www.smartbusinesscanada.ca/referral-program/

PERKS PROGRAM: We have a membership perks program (which is common) but we’re updating this regularly with new lucrative deals targeting our customer businesses. We listen, our companies tell us what they would like to see, and we forge partnerships and arrangements to make it happen. Example of a perk? We’re offering free hosting for 4 months for any company that signs up.

PREVIEW HERE: http://www.smartbusinesscanada.ca/my-smart-programs/

CREDITS: Credits are the way you control what you get done each month. You can be hands on and select options via your Smart Dashboard or you can let you Live Professional manage it for you.

PREVIEW HERE: http://www.smartbusinesscanada.ca/using-credits/

LIVE PROFESSIONAL: Our Live Professional service takes service delivery and customer service to the next level. Work directly with professionals in multiple industriel via this service. Chat live, request changes, get advice, all included with membership.

PREVIEW HERE: http://www.smartbusinesscanada.ca/live-professional/

This proposal is for the Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario.