Branding services include reputation management, refreshing your company image, and helping expose that image to your clientele.

sbc-logo-icon Could the first impression your clients have be improved?
sbc-logo-icon Are there any negative comments, reviews, articles about your company online? Are there good ones?
sbc-logo-icon Branding includes Reputation management, help generate discussion, reviews, positive comments about your company.


The goal of (SEO)  is to have your website show up on the first page of major search engines when someone searches for services and or products related to what your company offers. When your website shows on that first page targeted potential clients will visit your website. SEO includes:

sbc-logo-icon We will research and select target keywords specific to your company / industry
sbc-logo-icon We will create optimized content for your website and for social media.
sbc-logo-icon Copywriting services, article creation, cross linking keyword optimized social posts.

Recommended Keywords: Keyword research will be done to determine what your targeted clientele is searching for online. Then we will select the relevant terms and include them in our strategy.


Your website is your portal to the world. There’s no reason your website shouldn’t represent your company in the best manner possible & be found by your target clientele.

sbc-logo-icon Design/Develop/Upgrade/Manage/Optimize your platforms(s) each month
sbc-logo-icon We will infuse your target keywords into your websites content / meta information / image meta
sbc-logo-icon We can optimize your store. Monitor website sales, streamline checkout area.
sbc-logo-icon We will integrate/optimize your social media channels, create discussion
sbc-logo-icon We offer a fully managed and backed up and secured service.


Developing optimized and relevant content and providing a fully optimized customer service experience is one of the most important factors for improving your ranking in searches. This service is part of On-Site & Off-site optimization. Each one of our packages includes:

sbc-logo-icon Monthly development of content which is then shared on exterior sources like social media, google+, sites, forums, etc.
sbc-logo-icon Social media utilization & cross linking with on-site content
sbc-logo-icon Responding to online questions when needed.
sbc-logo-icon Linking to product information and promotions.
sbc-logo-icon Collection of customer contact information database & mailing list which we will use for further promotional campaigns.


A picture says a thousand words, having proper visual elements help to promote your brand and support our marketing and SEO efforts.This is part of on-site optimization.

sbc-logo-icon We will create optimized website graphics
sbc-logo-icon We can create promotional materials, banners, business cards, brochures.
sbc-logo-icon We will edit Image meta to include target keywords


Weekly reports breaking down website visits, custom interaction on site, demographic, sales + how to improve the results.

sbc-logo-icon Traffic overview results.
sbc-logo-icon Bounce rates, where are customers leaving the site + how to improve conversions.
sbc-logo-icon Which demographic areas are performing best, how to improve others.
sbc-logo-icon A/B testing to determine which methods produce the best results.


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